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I discovered my passion for technology long before the days of broadband internet. I have gained extensive technical experience in server administration, network administration, and software development since 1996. I have leveraged this knowledge to launch several successful technology businesses and have extensive experience in legal, tax, payroll, accounting and other small business issues.

I believe in responsible corporate citizenship and actively participate in local government, chamber of commerce and technology groups. My goal is to leverage our community’s regional technology assets to help promote and encourage economic development in Southwest Missouri.

Association of Information Technology Professionals

Jason Klein joined AITP of the Ozarks in 2014. He served as the chapter President in 2016-2017. This AITP chapter provides IT education and IT peer networking opportunities to our 250 members in the Ozarks. We are the largest AITP chapter in the United States. We host Tech IT Out, the largest annual technology expo in Southwest Missouri. Proceeds from the expo and our annual golf tournament allow us to award several $1000 scholarships to technology students each year. We are also working to build a $50K perpetual scholarship endowment at CFO that can also support several $1000 scholarships each year.

Logic Forte

Jason Klein is Chief Innovation officer of Logic Forte. He founded Logic Forte in 2015. Logic Forte organizes restaurant data to help owners make intelligent decisions. We help multi-unit restaurant owners identify issues that have a negative impact on their profits. We also reduce back-office costs and data input errors by automating various reporting, accounting and payroll tasks.

Datility Networks, Inc.

Jason Klein is President & CEO of Datility Networks. He founded Datility Networks in 2001. Datility Networks provides hosting solutions and network consulting to technology companies, school districts, and college campuses. We frequently assist in-house IT staff with complex network and security issues.


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  • 2018/10/09 – SGF AWS – CI/CD with CodeBuild and CodePipeline [Meetup] [YouTube] [GitHub]
  • 2018/10/03 – SGF Web Devs – Practical Deep Learning for Developers [Meetup] [YouTube] [GitHub]
  • 2018/09/20 – Shift ICT Tech Summit – Building a Tech Community [Website]
  • 2018/09/12 – Google Cloud Next Extended 18 (GDG SGF) – Intro to Machine Learning and TensorFlow [Meetup] [Slides]
  • 2018/08/08 – SGF AWS – Intro to Containers (ECS) [Meetup] [YouTube] [GitHub]
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  • 2018/04/11 – SGF AWS – Using Relational Database Service (RDS) [Meetup] [YouTube]
  • 2018/04/05 – MakeIT Meetup – RetroPie Gaming Console [Meetup] [Slides]
  • 2018/03/14 – SGF AWS – Using Simple Storage Service (S3) [Meetup] [YouTube]
  • 2018/02/14 – SGF AWS – Monitoring Resources on AWS [Meetup] [YouTube]
  • 2018/01/25 – Cause Driven Podcast – E18: Technology Non-Profits [iTunes]
  • 2018/01/16 – Leadership Springfield – “Communications & Technology” Panel [program]
  • 2018/01/10 – SGF AWS – Introduction to AWS [Meetup] [YouTube]
  • 2017/11/21 – Building standalone Python Executables [Meetup] [GitHub]
  • 2017/10/18 – Digital Signage with piSignage and Raspberry Pi [Meetup]
  • 2016/09/29 – Springfield Metropolitan Bar Association (SMBA) – Blockchain Technology and Smart Contracts (I was advised to cancel this presentation due to ongoing Bitcoin litigation)
  • 2016/08/29 – SBJ Live – Internet of Things [article] [video]
  • 2016/04/29 – Spin66 Innovation Summit – “Pitch Pit” Startup Contestant [article]
  • 2016/02/23 – Missouri Career Center – Workforce Panel [event]
  • 2015/10/01 – Springfield Chamber – “Go Big Pitch” Startup Contestant [article] [photos]
  • 2015/06/18 – Mid-America Technology Alliance – Social Engineering [event] [slides]
  • 2015/02/18 – Southwest Missouri AITP – Software Developer Panel [event]
  • 2014/10/14 – Springfield Metro Rotary – Introduction to Bitcoin
  • 2014/04/17 – Christian County Property – Introduction to Bitcoin


I am able to provide introductory (non-technical) presentations on a wide variety of technology topics. I can provide “deep-dive” technical talks and demonstrations on the following topics…

  • Distributed Ledger Technologies and their Applications (e.g. Blockchain, Smart Contracts, Health Care, Supply Chain, Donations/Accountability, Voting, etc)
  • Digital/Crypto Currencies (e.g. Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin)
  • Securing Communications with TLS/SSL (e.g. Apache, Nginx, MySQL, Postfix, Dovecot)
  • Provisioning TLS/SSL certificates (e.g. Let’s Encrypt vs AWS vs GeoTrust/Verisign/etc)
  • Migrating to Amazon Web Services (e.g. EC2, EBS, Elastic IPs, S3, Snapshots, Pricing, RIs)
  • Server Provisioning and Management with SALT
  • Debian Server Administration Best Practices
  • Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP (“LAMP” stack)
  • Firewalls and Packet Filtering (e.g. AWS Security Groups, Linux iptables, Juniper ScreenOS/SRX)
  • Remote packet inspection (e.g. ssh, tcpdump and wireshark)
  • IPv6 hosting (e.g. Registry Glue, DNS, Email, Websites)
  • IPv4 routing and switching
  • Troubleshooting Domain Name and DNS Issues

Contact me if you are looking for someone to speak on a specific technology topic or issue. If I am unfamiliar with the topic or am not knowledgeable enough to meet your needs, I may be able to help you find an appropriate speaker.

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