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Privacy Checkup

  • Clear Browser Data Occasionally – Browsers will store data indefinitely (years!) which uses space and could slow down browsing without much benefit.
  • DNS – Learn More, OpenDNS, Cloudflare, Quad9
  • Facebook Download My Information – Backup and review your personal data. You will likely be surprised by what you find! Download as HTML if you plan to browse. Download as JSON so you can potentially restore (or analyze) the data to future social media platforms or reporting tools.
  • Google Takeout – Backup Google data and review data. Skip calendar, mail, photos, YouTube (exclude videos only) if you are a heavy user of these services and want to speed up the file generation process. You should still review backups from each of these services separately.
  • Google MyAccount Activity Controls – Disable tracking by service
  • Google MyActivity – View and delete search data
  • Google Location History – View and delete location data
  • Google Photos – View and delete photos
  • Google Downgrade – Delete entire portions of your Google account (e.g. Google+, Google Pay, YouTube, etc)