Setup a Personal Server on Amazon Web Services

I have been managing Linux Virtual Servers for well over 10 years. I visited the AWS offering many times before taking the plunge. Their huge variety of server options, storage options, bandwidth options, etc made their offering very confusing. Since I did not understand which options I would need, I could not determine what costs to expect. […]

MacBook Early 2011 OSX Cheat Sheet

These OSX startup key combinations are valid on a MacBook Pro (Early 2011).  I had the misfortune of OSX 10.10 upgrade problems and had to use various commands to recover and perform a clean install of OSX 10.10. Startup Manager (Press “Option” key during startup) will let you choose to boot from a specific OSX volume, […]

Proper Mail Date Header Formatting (RFC 4021, RFC 2822, RFC 822) and Analysis of 132k Date Headers

Emails generated by our applications were displaying universal time instead of a user’s local time when viewed in Thunderbird.  Our servers use universal time.  The emails we send to our users include a date header with UTC.  Other email clients automatically convert this to the user’s local time. I compared the date header in our messages to date […]