State of U2F in May 2019

I am attempting to register physical USB keys with various online accounts in an attempt to improve my online security. I purchased multiple YubiKey keys (YubiKey 5 NFC and YubiKey 5 Nano) with the intent to register at least two keys with each of my supported online accounts so that I have a backup in […]

Google Wifi vs Apple Airport Extreme/Express

I recently upgraded my home wireless network to Google Wifi wireless mesh devices (Amazon $259) from our aging Apple Airport Extreme router and collection of Apple Airport Express wireless extenders to support about 40 devices sharing a 200/20 mbps internet connection. While I have been extremely pleased with the performance and reliability of the Apple wireless […]

Research: Gigabit and Fiber Options in Springfield Missouri (April 2018)

Gigabit Fiber (1Gx1G) options are available to most Springfield Missouri businesses and multi-unit buildings, but residential customers are generally limited to Gigabit (e.g. 1Gx50M) via coax cable service (e.g. DOCSIS 3.0/3.1 modem). Availability depends on if your address is residential or business, single-unit or multi-unit, inside/outside Springfield city limits. All of these are major factors regarding […]