Research: Gigabit and Fiber Options in Springfield Missouri (April 2018)

Gigabit Fiber (1Gx1G) options are available to most Springfield Missouri businesses and multi-unit buildings, but residential customers are generally limited to Gigabit (e.g. 1Gx50M) via coax cable service (e.g. DOCSIS 3.0/3.1 modem).

Availability depends on if your address is residential or business, single-unit or multi-unit, inside/outside Springfield city limits. All of these are major factors regarding Fiber service in Springfield. If you primarily need to be able to stream 4K video (15-25mbps per stream) to your home, 100-200mbps Cable (instead of Gigabit Fiber) is probably your best choice at this time, when considering price versus performance.

I have been tracking Springfield and Missouri gigabit fiber progress for a while. For everyone’s benefit, here are current Gigabit/Fiber options for residential and business addresses in and around Springfield MO…

  • SpringNet offers Gigabit Fiber throughout the City of Springfield. They have a Small Business Program that starts at $150/mo. My understanding is that they can install fiber anywhere in town for the right price, but this “lower cost” small business option is intended for businesses located in multi-unit buildings in the downtown area. Initial 2015 coverage was inside the area of Chestnut to Elm, National to Grant. I have heard that SpringNet provides Gigabit Fiber service to multi-unit residential (apartments), but I am not aware of any single-unit residential fiber offerings.
  • AT&T just launched Fiber in Springfield MO. Plans start at $80/mo. Try to Check Availability here. You likely need to be in a multi-unit residential/apartment or office building shown on the AT&T Fiber Network Map OR very close to one of the existing installs on that detailed map.
  • Mediacom announced Springfield MO as their 1000th Gigabit city in 2017. They offer Gigabit over coaxial (1Gx50M $140/m) to residential customers (Check Availability here). I believe their Fiber Gigabit offering (1Gx1G) is limited to business customers (or residential customers at a business rate). Contact business sales for Gigabit Fiber availability.

Other potential options near Springfield. The last few are primarily for businesses or very rural customers…

  • Suddenlink offers Gigabit south of Springfield MO (e.g. Nixa/Ozark). See GigCity Map. Cost for residential coaxial service is $106/mo for 1Gx50M with unlimited data transfer. When Suddenlink announced/launched this service during a City of Nixa press conference in 2015, they also said that they were investing $250K in infrastructure so that any business in the Nixa industrial park had access to Gigabit Fiber. I expect Gigabit Fiber is available to many business locations throughout Nixa/Ozark (and possibly even residential customers near commercial areas for the right price).
  • Total Highspeed offers Residential Fiber and Business Fiber in Rural Greene County and Highlandville Missouri.
  • Wide Open Networks connects homes and businesses to their fiber network using fixed-wireless devices.
  • Bluebird Network offers Business Fiber outside/near Springfield MO. See Network Map.
  • Sho-Me Technologies offers Business Fiber outside/near Springfield MO. See Network Map

Local carrier-grade fiber internet options are listed on this HCOMM carrier services page.

For people in other Missouri regions, these companies also offer Gigabit Fiber: Aire Internet (Joplin/Monett), Big River (Cape Girardeau), BOLT Fiber (NE OK), Callabyte Fiber (Fulton), CenturyLink, CLGW Fiber (Kennett), Co-Mo (Central MO), Elite Fiber (STL), Fidelity Internet (Buffalo/Nevada/Rolla/West Plains), GoBec Fiber (Cassville), Google Fiber (KC), GTC (Granby), GRM FTTH (NW MO), Kingdom Telco (Callaway and Montgomery counties), LinkCity (North KC), Marshall Municipal Fiber (Marshall), Mid-States Fiber (Trenton), Missouri Telecom (SW MO), MOREnet (Statewide), NEMR Telecom (NE MO), New Dawn Fiber (Excelsior Springs), Optic Communications (Loma Linda), Phynx Fiber (Callaway County), Rayfield (Marshfield/Conway), SEMO Electric Coop (SE MO), Socket (Columbia/JC/KC/STL), United Fiber (Cameron/Maryville/Savannah), West Plains Municipal Fiber (West Plains).

DISCLAIMER: I rely on Suddenlink at home (200Mx20M w/ Unlimited). SpeedTest Results. Cost $76/mo. I rely on SpringNet at work (1Gx1G w/ Unlimited). Included in office lease. Very pleased with the speed and reliability of both services.

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Other Broadband Resources: Current national broadband access maps (, Historical Missouri broadband access maps ( See example maps below.

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