Debian Wheezy + Postfix Cluebringer (Policyd v2) + IPv6

I enabled Postfix Cluebringer (policyd v2) on Debian Wheezy so that I could place restrictions on customer outbound mail traffic.  I disabled all modules except core and quota.  I configured two quota rules (X messages/day and X MB/day).  Mail was flowing.  The quota status was being tracked in SQL.  Everything seemed to be working fine.

Several customers were unable to send messages.  The affected customers were connecting to our SMTP servers via IPv6.  I can now confirm that postfix-cluebringer v2.0.10 does *NOT* include support for IPv6.  The following message was logged to the cbpolicyd.log file each time a customer tried to send a message via SMTP over IPv6:

[2014/03/09-17:49:19 – 4009] [CBPOLICYD] ERROR: Protocol data validation error, required parameter ‘client_address’ was not found or invalid format

I confirmed that policyd v2.0.14 does NOT support IPv6 either, so don’t waste time trying to upgrade v2.0.10 to v2.0.14.

I manually upgraded to the v2.1.x pre-release (policyd v2.1.x-201310261831), which DOES support IPv6.  The SQL schema had MANY minor changes between v2.0.x and v2.1.x.  I compared schemas and determined that the SQL upgrade guide was incomplete.  Rather than trying to deal with upgrade issues, I created a new database and manually recreated our quota records/limits.  If you can’t afford to loose your customer quota status/history (see quotas_tracking table), be sure to backup that data and restore those records after the upgrade.  Good luck.