QuickBooks 2011 installation Error 1920 on Windows XP

I received the following error while installing QuickBooks 2011 on Windows XP.

Error 1920: Service Intuit QuickBooks FCS (QBFCService) failed to start.

The service that was failing to start was actually “QBIDPService” (aka QBVSS). I tried to start the service manually via Windows Services (services.msc) but received a timeout error. I spent a while trying to figure out why the service wouldn’t start, but gave up once I realized that the service is only used for the Intuit Data Protection (online backup) feature.

I ended up replacing the “.exe” file for the offending service with a service that can start successfully. This effectively replaces the Intuit Data Protection service, so this is ONLY recommended if you do not plan to use the Intuit Data Protection (aka Online Backup) feature. Intuit will have to help you fix their DP service if you need to use their online backups.

Download “rfc868time-1.5.exe” from the following website…

Replace the offending service with this small RFC868 time service.

cd C:\Program Files\Common Files\Intuit\DataProtect\
move QBIDPService.exe QBIDPService.exe.orig
copy rfc868time-1.5.exe QBIDPService.exe

This service opens port 37/tcp, so be sure to block this port if you don’t actually need the time service. You can also disable the service by opening Windows Services (Start, Run and execute “services.msc”), finding “QBIDPService” and changing the startup type from “Automatic” or “Manual” to “Disabled” to keep the service from running.

Once you’ve replaced the service, you should be able to start the service via Windows Services or by running the following command.

sc qbvss start

HTH, Jason

6 thoughts on “QuickBooks 2011 installation Error 1920 on Windows XP

  1. THANK YOU! Great post. Saved my butt. Could not get a straight answer out of Intuit or anyone else. I don’t use the IDP service and was completely stuck with the update. Thanks again for a great & simple solution!

  2. This is a great tool! It worked like even on Windows 7. By the way, do you think this will work with other service? On my case, I tried to install Quickbooks Database Server Manager on the host computer(Windows Server 2003), and the service Quickbooksdb21 won’t start. The executable file is located on C:\Program Files\Intuit\Quickbooks Enterprise Solutions 11.0. Thanks in Advance!

    1. I’m sure you could substitute this time service for any other service executable (.exe) file. Keep in mind that you most likely will NOT be able to run multiple instances of this time service on the same computer. I assume that a second instance would fail to start because the TCP or UDP port that it needs is already locked/opened by the first instance. You could find another simple service OR you could stop other services that are using this hack before you repeat the hack with other services.

      1. Thanks for all these valuable information jrklein… I just have one question though, coz when I open QB after installation it encountered an error relating to .Net CAS Policy. It the rfc868time tool affecting .Net components too?

        Thanks in Advance!

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