Windows Terminal Server Printer Driver Compatibility

We are often asked to assist with printer configuration in Terminal Server environments. This article provides a brief list of the native printer drivers we have successfully used with numerous “unsupported” printers. This driver compatibility list is helpful since Microsoft and others recommend you avoid using third-party printer drivers on your Terminal Server. You should only use the native printer drivers provided by Microsoft to ensure system stability (ie: avoid blue screens and other unnecessary errors).

Physical Printer Client Compatible Driver Server Confirmed
Canon PC1200/iC D700 WinXP had to use redirection Win2003 2006/07/20
HP PSC 1400 WinXP hp deskjet 3320 series Win2003 2006/07/20

If you find a native driver that is compatible with the printer AND is available on both the RDP server as well as the RDP client, then you should install a second printer on the client that uses this driver. We normally rename this second printer to match the original printer name and then add a “(TS)” suffix to the printer name. Remember that you must also install this printer driver on the Terminal Server before automatic printer mapping will occur. The simplest way of doing this is to create a printer with this driver on an unused port (ie: LPT3) and then remove the printer. The necessary driver files will be installed during creation of the printer.

2006/07/21 – Jason Klein