Setup Solomon IV client in Terminal Server 2003

We are often hired to assist customers with application compatibility issues on Windows Terminal Server. We use a variety of methods to determine why an application is not working (properly) on a Terminal Server. Today, I was tasked with configuration of the Solomon IV client on Windows Terminal Server 2003. The application was returning numerous errors, mostly while trying to use Print or Print Preview functionality. The Solomon IV server had already been properly installed and configured and had already been used to successfully install the Solomon IV client on standard Windows workstations. This article assumes you are also to this point and only addresses installation of the Solomon IV client onto a Terminal Server.

Begin by mapping a drive to the Solomon IV share on your file server. We setup our login script to map the “S:” drive to the “\\exfs01\sol32” share.

Next, we will install the Solomon IV client on the Terminal Server by opening “Add/Remove Programs” and clicking the “CD or Floppy” button. Then, we browse to the SETUP.EXE file on the mapped drive. In our case, the path was “s:\rms\sol32\wrkstn\setup.exe”. We HIGHLY recommend you reboot the terminal server immediately after any software installation. Traditionally, it has been important to use the “Add/Remove Programs” menu while installing software on a Terminal Server to automatically enable INSTALL mode. You can manually change to INSTALL mode with the change command (run “change user /?” for details).

At this point, you will most likely receive the following error when you try to click Print or Print Preview within Solomon IV.

Crystal Reports Helper Application for Solomon IV

Cannot start print job.
Report: s:\rms\sol32\ao610dp.rpt
Crystal Print Engine Error: 0 - Error in formula ,
The ) is missing.

You may also receive missing file errors for “p2lodbc.dll”, “p2sodbc.dll”, and/or “u2fodbc.dll” when you try to run certain queries and/or printing filters.

If you receive either of these errors, execute the following batch file while logged into Terminal Server as a Solomon IV user. Each user must execute this script. We made the script available through the user Start Menu within Terminal Server sessions as “Repair Solomon IV” and instructed each user to run the script if/when they encountered the above errors. The script simply copies required files from the Solomon IV network share to the necessary directory within each user profile.

@echo off

cd \
mkdir "%HOMEPATH%windows\"

mkdir "%HOMEPATH%windows\crystal\"
copy /y c:\system\sol32\crystal\* "%HOMEPATH%windows\crystal\"

mkdir "%HOMEPATH%windows\system32\"
copy /y c:\system\sol32\system32\* "%HOMEPATH%windows\system32\"

The contents of the CRYSTAL directory in this example were copied from “s:\rms\sol32\wrkstn\windows\crystal\”, and the contents of the SYSTEM32 directory in this example were copied from “s:\rms\sol32\wrkstn\windows\winsys\” AND from “s:\rms\sol32\wrkstn\windows\winsys\register\”. You could modify the script to copy all files directly from these directories into the corresponding directories in the user profile. You could also modify the script to copy files only if they are missing and then launch the Solomon IV application. The Solomon IV icon could then be pointed to the script (instead of the .exe) and automatically resolve this missing file problem for new users.

The errors listed above were immediately prevented / resolved after copying these files to the user profile.

Solomon IV version 4.21SP2.1465

2006/07/20 – Jason Klein